The Aigle is the lead vessel of a second run of Faucon-class Light Air Cruisers, these coming from Schneider et Cie's graving docks in Brest. The company seems to have concentrated its efforts on designing and constructing cruiser-class ganymedes, to complement their production of cannon and aerial torpedoes.

The original Faucon-class ganys were criticized on a number of levels. While performing their offensive missions admirably, there was agreement that greater maneuverability was required for most effective deployment of its weaponry. In addition, a number of engine failures had demonstrated the vulnerability of the high-powered triple-expansion boilers powering the vessels. The Aigle accordingly is fitted with new oil-fired turbines based on those of the Grenouille-class . Replacement of the coal bunkers provided romm for a modern engineering compartment. Empennage is also provided, enabling the ship to handle like a much lighter vessel.


Class: Faucon-class Light Cruiser

Dimensions: 250 ft. x 72 ft. x 80 ft. (excluding funnels and masts)

Complement: 238

Weight: 4,650 tons

Engines: Turbines, generating 20,000 shaft horsepower, maximum speed 46 knots

Fuel: oil, 425 tons

Armament: Two 100 mm, four 75 mm, three 47 mm