The backbone of the skyfleet for all of the Great Powers and an aspiration for nearly every other nation, the battleship is the ultimate display of manufacturing capability, technical knowledge and military prowess. These act as flagships for fleets, commands for Sky Admirals and symbols for the nation.

Only a very few shipyards in the world have the capacity to build one of these.


In ServiceEdit

Known ClassesEdit

Royal SkyfleetEdit

  • Connaught-class
  • Edward VII-class
  • Leviathan-class

Fleet de VoléeEdit

  • Bastille-class
  • Paris-class

Known ShipsEdit

Royal SkyfleetEdit

Fleet de VoléeEdit

  • Jean Bart, Paris-class
  • Paris, Paris-class
  • Anaconda, major refit of unknown class
  • Henri IV, unknown class

Kaiserliche LuftmarineEdit

  • SMS Baden, class unknown
  • SMS Friedrich der Grosse, class unknown

Regia MarinaEdit

  • RM Vesuvius, class unknown

US NavyEdit

  • USS Abraham Lincoln, class unknown