Leviathans uses twelve- and six-sided dice; the unique twelve sided dice are used as Crew Slot, Weapon and Location Dice, while the standard D6 are used as Slot Dice. The twelve-sided dice are color-coded to represent the different types used in the game: green, blue, yellow, red and black. Though each color-coded die has twelve facings, the numerical values displayed on those dice are unique to each color.

The dGreen has the numbers 1 through 4 three times each, giving it the same probability distribution as a 4 sided die (d4).

The dBlue has the same probability distribution as a d6.

The dYellow is numbered 1 through 8 with the numbers 2, 4, 5, and 7 each appearing twice.

The dRed is numbered 1 through 10 with the numbers 4 and 7 each appearing twice.

The dBlack is a standard d12.

It is currently common practice to use standard polyhedral dice instead of the official dice with the quick start rules available from the Monsters in the Sky website.


If the situation requires you to roll one twelvesided die, the rules indicate this in shorthand as DBlue, DYellow, DBlack and so on. If two of the same dice are used, the rules indicate this as 2DRed, 2Dblack and so on; two dice of different colors are indicated as DRed & DBlue, DYellow & DGreen, and so on.


When a player looks at a Ship Card he will notice various circular color icons, representing the number and type of dice to be rolled under certain circumstances for crew, weapon and location. If a line separates dice icons, this indicates different situations in which different dice are rolled; if two (or more) dice icons are not separated by a line, then that action requires all such dice to be rolled. In all instances, when multiple twelve-sided dice are rolled (whether Crew, Weapon or Location Dice), add the values together for a final total.