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The Lüftmarine represents the aerial power of the German Empire. It is a fleet that takes pride in its ability to operate like a well-oiled machine, with drills not just for individual crews, but for co-operation between multiple leviathans.

Design Practices[]

The Germans place a strong reliance on reliable and sturdy engineering and thicker than average armour belts. This means that their vessels can often take substantially more punishment than equivalent classes from other fleets. Despite their efficient engines, the ships cannot really be described as fast.

The main lifting tanks are normally fitted along the flanks of each Leviathan in a row of armoured ovoids. This arrangement is either used for trim itself, or obscures the trim tanks from view. The prow is almost vertical and smokestacks are cylindrical, but somewhat squatter than most others. The tail fins form a '+' and the fan ducts have a single, angled outlet at the end.

German guns have their caliber measured in centimeters (cm).

Leviathan Classes[]


Armoured Cruiser[]

Light Cruiser[]