The Philip II Augustus, third of its class, is nicknamed Dieudonne (God-given) both for the historical king after which it's named and for the attitude of its commander, Commandant aérien Marius Moutet. Philip II Augustus has been flagship of the North African squadron for four years. In the last year Moutet has twice been ordered to hand over command so as to take up a training command, but has managed to refuse both orders through his political connections. His fondness for Tunisia--and his Algerian-born French wife--inevitably earned him the tag pied-noir. Making this into a matter of pride, Moutet promptly ordered that black boots replace brown in the dress uniform of his squadron.


Conquérant-class Protected Cruiser

Dimensions: 412 ft. x 87 ft. x 81 ft. (excluding funnels and masts)

Complement: 590

Weight: 14,000 tons

Engines: Triple expansion, producing 34,000 shaft horsepower, maximum speed 41 knots

Fuel: coal, normal 1242 tons; maximum 2,000 tons

Armament: Eight 164 mm