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The Royal Sky Fleet is the aerial branch of the Armed Forces of the British Empire. Initially an offshoot of the Royal Navy, it has retained much of the tradition and proclivities of that service. This has been both beneficial and detrimental to the development of British leviathan tactics and deployment.

Design Practices

It is generally held by the powers that be in Whitehall that bigger guns are better guns. British ships will often have more impressive firepower than their equivalents of other nations, and a certain tendancy to slightly thicker armour. This logically leads to them being slower and less maneouverable.

British leviathans have their main external lifting tanks as two saddles around the lower hull, just fore and aft of midships. They mount multiple tanks for trimming both towards the bow and stern. The smokestacks are plain cylinders and the higher and lower points of the bow are more or less aligned. The tail fins have traditionally formed a 'T' and the fan ducts modeled after the germans, but with an additional outlet slightly further aft and inward.

The British measure their guns' caliber using the Imperial measuring system in inches (" or in).

Leviathan Classes

Sky Battleship



Armoured Air Cruiser


Light Air Cruiser




Sky Destroyer



Officer Ranks

  • Sky Admiral
  • Sky Rear Admiral
  • Sky Captain
  • Sky Commander
  • Lieutenant Commander
  • Lieutenant
  • Ensign

Enlisted Ranks

  • Chief Petty Officer
  • Petty Officer
  • Leading Airman
  • Able Airman
  • Airman

Notable Personnel

Rear Admiral

Sir William Coxmire

Sky Captain

Alexander Christopher - Commanding Officer, HML Charger

Kent Graha - Commanding Officer, HML Leviathan

Terrence Lancsman - Commanding Officer, HML Medusa

Neville Miller - First Officer, HML Courser

Sky Commander

Sir Edward Seaborne Clouston - Commanding Officer, HML Charger

Lieutenant Commander

Christopher Fermoy - Commanding Officer, HML Hertfordshire

Sir Chester Montgomery - Commanding Officer, HML Beagle

Andrew Rivenburg - Commanding Officer, HML Python

Ralph K. Richards - Commanding Officer, HML Raven


David Chandler - Gunnery Officer, HML Leviathan

John Raines


Scott Michaels - Commanding Officer, HML Courser

John Arbuthnot 'Jackie' Fisher, First Sea Lord