The first of the new breed of German leviathans, the Friedrich is the Kaiserliche Luftmarine's flag vessel, normally commanded by the Admiral zur Lüft, and captained by one of the up-and-comers amongst the groups of promotable officers. Her exact armament, armor rating and speed are all unknown to the British, and it is thought that she goes in for regular overhauls to update her systems to the most recent the Germans have produced.

Despite her exalted status amongst the vessels of the Kaiserliche Lüftmarine, the Friedrich is no stranger to combat. Her first battle came above the Skagerrak during the Royal Navy's 1909 attempt to bottle in the German navy's High Seas Fleet as a show of British force. The Friedrich holds the record for quickest leviathan kill, using a single salvo of its massive broadside to destroy the British flotilla's HMS Suffolk.

Rumors have also circulated regarding the current whereabouts of the Friedrich. Along with a sizeable portion of the Kaiserliche Luftmarine, she has not been seen for many months, and speculation grows as to whether she is undergoing yet another refit or whether the Germans have something more insidious in mind.


Friedrich der Grosse-class? Battleship